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Warehouse Space & On-Site Business Storage Solutions

UNITS business portable storage is the perfect money and space saving solution for a wide variety of business needs. These are just a few of the ways that our UNITS have helped business owners in the past:

Construction Remodeling Company: Currently we deliver an empty UNIT to this construction company’s office and they use the UNIT to collect new fixtures for a time, then the construction company adds their tools.

Once all supplies have been accumulated we pick up their UNIT and redeliver to the remodeling job construction location where for one week the UNIT is the on-site supply site for the remodel. After the remodel is finished we can either deliver the UNIT back to the construction office for them to empty or just return that UNIT to our warehouse empty.


Monthly rent on an un-needed warehouse space, rental truck costs, and driver time to take supplies to site and from construction site.

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$199 First Months Rent
$ 199 Month
  • Good For All New Rentals
  • Good For Any UNIT Size

Short term storefront space saving solutions

Mailbox service store during the holidays: Currently we deliver an empty UNIT to the store so when the customers flood the store with packages, the owner puts the overflow into the UNIT until the proper shippers can pick them up. Then after the 1 month surge of business, we remove the UNIT.


11 months of un-needed high-rate store front space.

Real estate remodeling solutions

A water distributer is taking on a major remodel so for 2 months they have moved their company furniture out into our UNITS in their parking lot; thereby giving them clear access to remodel their inner office space and yet keep their company files and things close for quick reference.


truck rental costs, off-site storage costs, and man hours & inconvenience of driving to an off-site storage site on a daily basis.

Boxes In UNITS Container

Portable Storage Business Solutions

Portable storage is the perfect solution for your business to get the extra space you need.

UNITS can be at YOUR office when it is convenient FOR YOU – we’ll handle all of the work while giving you peace-of-mind.