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There are a lot of reasons to move to a new home or office. Perhaps you need more space or it is time to upgrade your lifestyle. Or, maybe you are downsizing and wanting to make things simple. Either way, you should be excited about this new step.

Instead, most people get bogged down with the stress of moving. You need to schedule rental trucks, drive that truck around crowded streets, load everything all in one go, take it all to the new location, then do everything all over again. 

You can simplify it and pay for a moving company, but that can be outrageously expensive. With portable storage in Hercules, all of that stress is eliminated.

At UNITS, we want to be your helpers in the moving process. We worked within your schedule and budget to make this transition as smooth as possible. 

Take your time loading and unloading and let our drivers handle the transportation. UNITS is the best way to alleviate moving stress without breaking the bank.

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Get Peace Of Mind With Portable Storage In Hercules

UNITS offers stress-free portable storage in Hercules that works for anyone. We have worked with families moving residences, and big corporations needing more space.
For over two decades, we have provided the East Bay area with all of their storage and moving needs. With every portable storage unit, we keep the customer’s needs in mind.

Our process is simple: we deliver the unit to you while you take your time loading it with the items you need for storage. Then, we can bring it to our warehouse for long term or short term storage, or drive everything for you to a new location.
If there are any questions or concerns along the way, we will be there to support you with our customer-first service and attitude.

For the best portable storage in Hercules, look no further than UNITS. Our containers have a see-through roof which allows for natural light to help you load it up.
They are secured from the elements so there is no need to worry about a rainstorm ruining your belongings.

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How Portable Storage in Hercules Works

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We Deliver

You Pack

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Store It

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Secure It

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Move It

How Portable Storage in Hercules Works

We Deliver
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Flexible Options To Fit Your Needs

We consider ourselves the most adaptable and affordable portable storage in Hercules solution. At first, you might not know what size container you need or how long you will need it. There is no need to worry when you chose UNITS. We will help you find the best solution. Our space estimator can help you determine the right sized container for your storage needs. Should you discover that you need a bigger container, just give us a call and we will swap it out for you.

Our team of expert delivery drivers is equipped to fit containers into any space even narrow alleys and driveways. Our ROBO-UNIT is able to assist with container delivery in areas where a large truck will not fit. If there is a space that can fit a full-size vehicle, ROBO-UNIT can get it there with ease. With the ability to lift up to 7,000 pounds and move up to 10,000 pounds, it’s perfect for navigating tight corners. We guarantee the safe delivery of your storage container. Power lines or low hanging limbs are not a barrier for us. Even better, we can drop it off with your schedule. Let us know the best time and we will do everything we can to make it happen.

Commercial Portable Storage In Hercules

Our portable storage containers are designed to work for anyone, anywhere. If you own a business or run an office, you may be extremely limited in storage space. That can make hosting large events, getting in more inventory for the busy season, or renovating your building difficult.

Commercial portage storage units can be dispatched to you for storage on-site, or have us hold onto it in our warehouse. The best part is that we can bring the container back to you as you need it. Running a business is taxing enough, but luckily you have UNITS to help you out when you need storage. Your business does not need to be put on hold because of a remodel or repair. Use a UNITS portable storage container for added space as you need it.

Staying Put Or On The Go, We Have Your Back

When it comes to portable storage in Hercules, UNITS is here for any need you have. Whether you are transporting your entire home, or just need to store things away for a season, we can offer you easy solutions. We drop off the portable storage container and we can take your time loading it at a pace that is right for you. No more stressful all day packing moving days if you don’t want that. If you scheduled a pick-up and need more time, it is never a hassle to extend your loading time.

When it comes to storing your belongs in our secure warehouse, you can access your container as you need to. You can also keep it at your home so that you can access it whenever you want. We offer month to month leases that will stay at the same rate for a minimum of one year. When you are ready to get your items back, just let us know and we will deliver the containers to whatever location you need them at on-demand.

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Our warehouses are climate controlled which means your items will be safely stored for however long you need. Public storage units can be a great option, but often those buildings are exposed to the elements. This makes your belongings vulnerable. Rainwater could get through your storage unit, or rodents could find ways to make little homes. This is never the case with UNITS. We keep our warehouses just as secure as our storage containers.

Safety Is Our First Priority

At UNITS, we care deeply about the safety and security of your belongings. We know that you are putting a great deal of trust in your portable storage company. You need to know that your belongings will be safe from theft and damage. We value this trust and understand that it is the foundation of our business.

When you order a portable storage container, we ask that you provide the lock. The only person who should have access to your container is you. By providing the lock, this ensures that you have complete control over how you can access that container. When your container is in transit or in storage at our warehouse, you can rest assured knowing that no one will be able to get in. Furthermore, our warehouses are staffed daily and are equipped with alarm systems. No person or animal will be able to rummage through your belongings.

Solutions For All Your Storage Needs

Adapting to your needs is what we do best. Whatever your situation is for portable storage in Hercules, give us a call at 925-454-8648 for a quote today.