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Portable Storage in Oakley From UNITS Moving And Portable Storage

UNITS storage container used for portable storage in OakleyPortable storage has revolutionized the moving and storage industry for the better.  Portable storage in Oakley gives you total control of your moving and storage needs without having a deal with the normal stressors.

No more rushed moves because you have to get the giant rental truck back at a certain time. Also no more multiple trips back and forth from your self-storage location.

Portable storage in Oakley solves all of these stressors and has developed the most complete and easy solution for you.

What Makes UNITS Moving and Portable Storage In Oakley Different?

UNITS makes your move the easiest part of relocating.  We bring our UNITS portable storage container directly to your current location.  It’s dropped off right outside your home with easy ground level loading. You take your time loading it up with your belongings on your timeframe.  Both our barn style doors and ground level loading make for the easiest way to load your items. No lifting up into the bed of a truck or having to pull your heavy items up a ramp on a dolly.  Quick easy access means less wear and tear on you and your stuff.

Once you are all loaded up, we take care of the transportation to your next location for you.  For many, the only time you’ll ever be driving a large, boxy, heavy truck is when you move. Depending on your location that can be a daunting task.  With the level of traffic that we have in the Bay Area, it’s no surprise having to navigate that in a large truck is no one’s idea of fun. Our professional portable storage in Oakley team will pick up your secure storage container and meet you at your new location with it.  You get to sit back, relax and entirely skip the stressful driving part of your move.

If your new location won’t be ready for your items, we’ll take your UNIT to our safe and secure storage facility and store it for you until you are ready for delivery.  Once you are ready just let us know when and where and we’ll bring your stuff directly to you. You then unload at your leisure, and we’ll come back once more to remove your empty UNIT.  Moving doesn’t get easier than it does with portable storage in Oakley.

A Better Way To Get Extra Storage Space For Your Home Or Office

The downside to a self-storage facility is that you have load up your items at home, drive to the facility and then unload again.  When it comes time for you to get items from your facility you’ll need to drive back load up again, then drive home and unload one last time.  Four times in all depending on if everything will fit with just one vehicle trip. Portable storage in Oakley completely changes that and turns it into an easy process for everyone.

When you need extra space in your home or office just call us up and we’ll send a portable storage container right to you.  With our easy loading, you load it up right in your driveway at your leisure. When you are done we come back, pick it up, and store it at our secure facility.  When you need something from your container you just let us know and we’ll bring the container out to you so you can access your items and once finished we’ll load it back up and bring it back to our facility.  If you don’t need it brought out to you to access your stuff, you can also stop by our storage location and access your items there as well. Nothing is easier than portable storage in Oakley.Oakley portable storage truck by UNITS

Rest Easy Knowing Your Items Are Safe With UNITS Portable Storage

A common question we get is, how can I be sure my items won’t shift, fall, or break while in transit?  Our containers are equipped with multiple tie-down locations built into the walls. Our team will give you the advice you need to load your UNIT properly and safely for your items.  With proper loading techniques, your items will arrive safe and sound at your new location.

Along with the transport securities we also have the most secure containers in the industry.  They are weatherproof so you don’t have to worry about water and wind damage. They are secure and you put your own lock on the UNIT so you can know you are the only one with access to it.  The roof of the UNIT is transparent to light so you can safely see inside during the day as you load or unload the storage container.

At our secure facility, we are equipped with 24/7 security to keep your items safe from both criminals and pests like rodents and bugs.  Each UNIT is it’s own contained storage unit, so you don’t need to worry about a neighbor unit storing something that leaks and can creep into your UNIT.  There no worse feeling than opening up your self-storage unit and seeing something someone else did leak in your unit and destroyed your items. With our UNITS everything is self-contained and yours won’t be affected by other UNITS.

Get A Portable Storage In Oakley Quote Today!

If you are planning a move or just need some extra space it’s easy to get a quote from UNITS East Bay.  Just contact us and we’ll help you decide if portable storage is the right solution for you. Our friendly team is ready and waiting to help you today!

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No Matter when you are in the East Bay UNITS has you covered:

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