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It might seem like the words “portable” and “storage” don’t go together. If you’re only familiar with permanent storage units that sit in a giant lot, then you might be surprised that there even is a portable option. At UNITS we offer portable storage in Redwood City.

Our stable, secure containers can be easily placed anywhere you need them. You fill them, transport them, and use them for as long as you want.

This flexible, simple method of storing or moving your possessions has so many benefits over moving with a truck or using a permanent storage solution.

Portable storage isn’t just a great solution for homeowners. It also appeals to business owners, renters, and more. Discover more about how portable storage can work for you below.

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Who can benefit from portable storage?

  • Blended families: Those who need to pack up two homes and combine them into one will find that portable storage helps them collect everything in one place and then keep some items out of the new home to be sold or stored. 
  • Downsizing: Not sure what will fit in the new space? Not sure which items you’ll need to store to prevent clutter? You can use portable storage to increase your flexibility. Try out the couch and if it doesn’t fit, just put it right back into the container for storage.
  • Students: When you’re moving your new graduate out of your house and to university, they often don’t have space to take all of the things they own. But you could use the space they are taking up. Place it in a portable storage unit for them until they’re settled. 
  • Temporary moves: For work or for the experience, many people do temporary moves and need the flexibility of fast, simple moves and convenient storage for excess items. 
  • Low-budget moves: On a budget? Don’t want to hire movers? You can take your time loading your own things into one of our units, without all the pressure of doing your own move in a single day without professional support. 
  • Staging: If you need to stage your home before you sell it, you need to move your furniture. If you move it into portable storage, you don’t need to move the furniture twice. This can save you significant time and energy.
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How Portable Storage in Redwood City Works

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How Portable Storage in Redwood City Works

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How Does Commercial Portable Storage in Redwood City Work?

Businesses can also make great use of our portable storage services. You can trust that anything you store with us is secure in our facility, and your can use portable storage to allow for temporary storage and moves. Here are some of the ways that businesses can use our units:

  • Moving: When you’re moving a whole business or a whole office, you have a lot more materials, equipment, furniture, and other items than the average home. Portable storage can give you a more flexible move that makes it simpler to relocate your business. 
  • Inventory: Some retail locations don’t have much room for their inventory. You can use portable storage to store and even more inventory between locations. 
  • Busy seasons: Do you experience a large influx of inventory before Christmas, or your busiest season? Then you can use portable storage to temporarily hold inventory you wouldn’t otherwise be able to handle, which can significantly increase the volumes you can sell. 
  • Tools and materials: Many businesses don’t have offices or start out without one. You can use portable storage for your tools or materials and manage your business better. 
  • Driving: Does no one at your company have the ability to drive large moving vans? Or are you unable to get the appropriate insurance coverage for it? You don’t need to worry about that when you work with us at UNITS as we can move your storage unit for you. 

Our Robo Unit for Portable Storage

Worried about getting that portable storage unit into your driveway? You don’t need to worry.

We have a robot delivery service which can lift portable units up to 7,000 pounds and move up to 10,000 pounds. This way, we can ensure that we deliver your unit exactly where you want it to be, without damaging your driveway or unsettling any of the objects that you have safely stored inside of them.

The robo-unit can handle tight spaces and automatically levels the whole unit while moving. When it is time to head out, the unit stabilizes the truck, helping your unit and everything inside of it stay safe.

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