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Moving Solutions and Portable Storage in Danville

Units East Bay delivering a UNIT to a Danville home. It is wonderful to have stuff, but sometimes it can be a little inconvenient. If you are trying to move out of, or move into Danville, you may not realize how much stuff you have until you try to move it. Working with a moving company in Danville can be expensive. Trying to transport everything to a storage unit can be exhausting. UNITS is a company that has found a better moving solution than any of the typical models. Portable storage in Danville from UNITS provides the resources to let residents move their things whenever they want, and have it dropped off wherever they want.

Portable Storage in Danville Solves Moving Problems

UNITS begins the moving process by dropping off a locking portable storage container in front of your home. Once the container is delivered you are free to begin moving your things inside. This solves lots of moving problems. Some residents in Danville may fill up the storage container in a day, others may take several days to fill up their unit. The key is that UNITS lets you move your stuff at your pace, and lets you keep the portable storage container on your property.

UNITS' State of the art facility keeps your storage safe and dryOnce you fill the storage unit with your things, UNITS will come and pick up the rented unit. You can then have UNITS drop off your valuables across the street, across the country, or anywhere in between. You choose how long you need to unpack the portable storage container, after which UNITS will come and take away the empty unit off of your property. This process gives you the time you need move your stuff to wherever you want to go. While we hate seeing people move away from Danville, we love offering Danville residents a moving solution that is cheaper and more convenient than any other.

Let UNITS Take the Stress Out of Your Move

If you are just looking to store some of your things, then UNITS has the perfect solution for you. You can either rent one of UNITS’ portable storage units, or you can use UNITS’ storage facility. Renting a portable storage unit is a convenient way to keep your stuff on your property so that it is protected and easily accessible. On the other hand, UNITS’ climate controlled storage facility is equipped with a top-of-the-line security system for Danville storage. UNITS also has access to business storage spaces.

For anyone looking to put things in storage, or move in Danville, contact UNITS today for the best moving and storage solutions.

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