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From temporarily storing your child’s things as they go off to college, to permanently storing your treasured items that you just don’t have room for, families have a lot of need for storage. So do businesses, who can use portable storage units to hold overflowing inventory or make moving offices much simpler. 

Forget loading and then reloading your things. When you use a portable storage in Campbell unit you can have it on your property and load your objects into it directly. We can take it away to a secure facility for storage, where you’ll always have access to it. 

Or we can drop it off wherever you want to unload it. Portable storage is a simple concept that saves you so much time and effort. Not to mention it is affordable too.


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How Does UNITS Portable Storage Work?

Essentially, instead of being stuck in one spot, a portable storage unit can be moved. We also offer on-site storage for the units, that is very secure and can hold your unit for as long as you like. The combination of portability and secure on-site storage means that we have the right storage solution for you, even if you change your mind halfway through packing it up. Here’s how portable storage works. 

We bring the unit, by truck, to wherever you need to fill it up. That might be outside of your home, business, or some other location. Wherever it is, we can pack the unit in the driveway and nice and close up, so that it is convenient for you to pack it up. 

You can keep your unit here if that’s what you need. Or, we can move it to your new home, new location, or our storage facility. The secure facility monitors your unit, but as you’re using your own lock on it, only you can access it. You can access it when you like, either to just move a few things in and out, completely repack it, or send it to where you need it next. 

At any point, we can move your unit. Take it to the driveway of your new home and unpack it there. Or, bring it to your interim housing, your new office, anywhere that you need to unpack it. 

The biggest benefits of portable storage in Campbell is that it offers you flexibility while saving you time. Even for complex moves or short term storage needs, you pack the unit once and unpack it once—that’s it. It’s so much simpler than using a permanent storage unit. 

How Portable Storage in Campbell CA Works

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How Portable Storage in Campbell ca Works

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What Makes Portable Storage In Campbell Better?

For the large family that needs to move to a new home, portable storage units significantly reduce the stress of moving day. Portable storage in Campbell makes everything decluttered, simple, and accessible.

Here are some ideas about how and when to use portable storage to make your life easier: 

  • Declutter your home: Most people want to hold onto more things than they have room for. If your home feels cluttered, or you need to downsize to a new space, portable storage offers the flexibility you need to declutter for good. 
  • Stage your home: To get the best price for your home or sell the fastest you often need to stage it so buyers can imagine themselves in it. But where do you put all of your stuff? Portable storage is a smart solution that saves you from having to move your things twice. Move it into portable storage once before the stagers come in and then move it directly to your new home. 
  • Sell your home: When you’re moving, portable storage makes it simple for you to do it yourself. You can have the storage unit on your property for as long as you like, packing up non-essentials before the 
  • Save on moves: Wish you didn’t have to hire movers, but feel like you just don’t have enough time to get it done on your own? Have your portable storage unit dropped at your house days or weeks early and pack at your own leisure. You can unpack as slowly as you like too. Which means you can have significant savings over paying for professionals. 
  • Deal with fires and floods: When your home has been significantly damaged, you may need to move and store some undamaged things in order to allow restoration specialists to fix the damage to your home. Portable storage is perfect for this. 
  • Have more inventory: How do you keep up with demand in your busiest season? Small shops might be limited by how much inventory they can store, but portable storage can let you hold much more, increasing your sales to match. 
  • Move your office: Moving an office can be a longer, more complicated process than moving into a new home. Portable storage can help you. 
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What Makes Portable Storage In Campbell Better?