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When you want to store items, permanent storage units are not your only option, in fact they are not even your best option.

Portable storage systems are more secure, more convenient, and more easily accessible. You can use them to move or to just store your items. Both businesses and individuals can benefit from the advantages of portable storage for things as varied as downsizing, water and fire restoration, moving, storing excess inventory and much more.

UNITS offers our portable storage units in San Mateo. Learn more about the units and their advantages below. 

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What makes Our Portable Storage Units Different

Easily portable and highly secure, our portable storage units have some great features that can help make many moving or storing task much easier. They are conveniently sized so that we can drive them around for you, or just leave them on your driveway or elsewhere on your property for as long as you need to pack them up or to use them.

  • Our Sizes: With two sizes of portable units at 8 x 8 x 12 and even 8 x 8 x 16 we have what you need.
  • Specialized straps: Our containers have a custom channel strapping system inside to hold down your belongings, even large bulky furniture. 
  • Light: We’ve put translucent tops on all of our units so that light can come down into them. 
  • UV Resistance: Natural light isn’t great for long-term storage, because exposure to UV light can undermine the color of fabrics and furniture. So, units have built in UV resistance to protect your valuables from the sun.
  • Durability: These units are built to be watertight and resistant to mold. You can move them in the rain without worrying. 
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How Portable Storage in San Mateo Works

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Store It

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Secure It

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Move It

How Portable Storage in San Mateo Works

We Deliver
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Use Our Robo Unit for Portable Storage

We also offer a ROBO-UNIT to make it even simpler to use our portable storage units. This is a robot delivery system which lifts your container onto and off of the truck. This is a wise option to allow you to get your portable storage unit onto your driveway without damage, or to maneuver it into a tight spot that is most convenient to you. 

This hydraulic lift can move the empty unit, it can lift a full unit up to 7,000 pounds and move a unit that weighs 10,000. It automatically levels the unit so that nothing will break during transport. The unit locks into the truck when you’re ready to move the unit, which also provides more stability.

The Benefits of Portable Storage 

You could use permanent storage or a traditional moving truck. Why would you use portable storage? There are a ton of benefits, including:

Take Your Time

When you’re using a portable storage unit you can keep the unit on your property for as long as you want. Start packing up a few days, weeks, or as long as you like before your move. Take as long as you like for unpacking as well. This means you may be able to move without professionals, or complete long moves all by yourself.

complex moves

Moving isn’t always as straight forward as taking all of your stuff from one place and putting it in another. Portable storage gives you the time and flexibility to do temporary moves, move out only one person, split up possessions after a death, and more. That’s because you can easily put some things in storage and move others.


Ready to have a more minimalist lifestyle? Or do you need to downsize to make room in your home or fit into a smaller space? It can be hard to downsize because you don’t know what you should keep and what you shouldn’t. Put items you’re not sure about in a portable unit and make your final decision later.


You put your own lock on our portable units, so that not even our staff have access. If you like, we can keep your unit in a secure indoor facility. This is highly secure.

The Portable Storage in San Mateo difference

When should you consider using portable storage? Business owners, homeowners, tenants, and people in many other situations can all benefit. 

  • Before your home sale: You can move your furniture out of your home to make way for staging, without having to move the furniture into a moving van after. Or you can simply declutter your home to make it more appealing to buyers, without having to re-move those items that you take out. 
  • When managing a small store: Sometimes your business outgrows your location. That’s a great thing, but you can make it even better by using portable storage to carry the inventory that you want to sell, but just can’t fit into the building. When you decide you’ve out grown the location entirely and need to move, portable storage can help with that too. 
  • Preparation before the holidays: Do you have a great deal of inventory at certain times of the year, like Christmas? You can use portable storage to manage it.

Your first choice Portable Storage in San Mateo

UNITS offers more convenient and secure storage solutions with portable storage units in San Mateo. Reach out to us with your questions or to book your unit. 

Contact us to discuss your needs for portable storage in San Mateo with us today.