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Get more time, convenience, and security by using portable storage in Los Altos units. UNITS East Bay can make virtually every kind of storage need or move simpler, whether you’re sending a kid off to college, trying to downsize, clearing out clutter, or moving into one home.

If you are moving we take care of the transportation for you and give you more time to pack. If you are just looking for some extra space our containers are great for that as well. Also portable storage in Los Altos isn’t just great for personal use. 

Instead, businesses can get huge advantages from using portable storage to move their office, store their inventory or materials, and more. We offer secure, smart portable storage in Los Altos.

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You might only be familiar with permanent on-site storage. This is where you go to a storage facility, and you pack your stuff into the unit. You lock it up, and when you need to get your stuff back you go to the facility and unpack it. Portable storage is a more flexible solution. Instead of going to the storage unit, the unit can come to you!

With portable storage, we take your unit out and drop it off where you need it, whether it is at your home or at your place of business. You can have the unit there as long as you need to load it. You don’t even need to move it, in fact, if what you need is temporary storage at your home or on your property. Or, you can move it to your new home, new location, or our secure storage site. 

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When you move it to your home to be unloaded, you can keep it on the property for as long as you need. At our secure storage facility, you can also keep the unit on site for as long as you need, affordably. You use your own lock, so only you can access the unit, and we have strong security measures in order to keep our facility secure. When you want to unpack it, you can either do so on site, or take advantage of the portability of the unit and put it where you need it. 

The advantages of portable storage are huge. You unpack and repack your things much less often, you have the flexibility to change your plans, you have more time so you can do a move yourself without the professionals or reap many other benefits.

How Portable Storage in Los Altos Works

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How Portable Storage in Los Altos Works

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When to Use Portable Storage in los altos

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  • For decluttering: It’s common for homes to get a little cluttered and full. Sometimes you need additional storage in order to sort out what it is that you truly need and what you’ll be fine living without, but portable storage in Los Altos can help. Move things in and out as you find new space for them, or you decide that you do need them. This flexibility might help you part with items a little faster, knowing they will still be nearby on the property.
  • When selling your home: Move your possessions into the unit yourself, at your own schedule, and set out with it when you want to. You can also use our containers to help stage an empty home or to store items during escrow.
  • For seasonal storage: You might use Christmas décor, winter sports gear, or other season-specific equipment. Don’t let it take up space in your garage or your basement. You can use portable storage to keep these objects actually out of the way. 
  • For stagers: Moving your furniture into portable storage before the stagers dress up your home is just smart. You won’t have to put those objects back into a moving van after, you can literally just take the unit to your new home. 
  • When holding inventory: Smaller retail stores that need more inventory for Christmas or other times of the year will appreciate having flexible on-site storage. When you can store more you can sell more too. You can also use portable storage for materials and tools. 
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Learn more About Our Storage Units

To plan your storage, you might want to know the specifics about our storage units. They are not only conveniently sized for transport and storage, but they have unusual features that make using them much safer, simpler, and more secure for whatever it is that you’re putting inside of them. Here are the details of our units:

  • Sizes: We have two sizes of units: 8 x 8 x 12 and 8 x 8 x 16. If you plan on moving anything that is longer than 12 feet, or you have a lot to move then you may want to choose the longer unit. 
  • Straps: Our specialized straps are e-track compatible. This means you can use our channel strapping system to hold down objects, especially large furniture, so that they are more secure in the unit. This is useful for large furniture, appliances, equipment and more.
  • Light: All of our units have ceilings that are translucent. That means light from outside gets into them, making it easier to see and safer for you while packing. 
  • UV Resistance: Don’t worry that the things you store will be exposed to the damage of UV radiation in natural light. Our transparent tops on the units have a filter to reduce this and protect your valuables from the fading effects of the sun. 
  • Durability: Our units are durable and well-built in order to protect your possessions from threats like water, mold, high humidity and more. You can store them on your property in the rain without worry. 

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