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If you are looking to move or need to free up some space around your home portable storage in Walnut Creek is right for you. UNITS can provide secure and flexible moving and storage solutions. We have been catering to our customer’s moving and storage needs for over 20 years and provide customized moving and storage solutions to our clients.  

Furthermore, we stand by you in order to serve your needs throughout your moving process. From boxes to packing tips, UNITS is your guide to make your move as smooth as possible. For long-term portable storage in Walnut Creek, we have custom-built storage facilities to keep your belongings safe for however long you may need.

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UNITS have a large variety of storage units that will meet the specific requirement of your home in Walnut Creek. We have large as well as small storage containers. In order to stay one step ahead of our competitors, we guide you to select the best container for your things with our UNITS space estimator.

UNITS can provide you with the utmost superior quality storage unit at your home or to store in our warehouse. We assure you that all of our storage units are durable and easily accessible so that you can easily transfer your things whenever need be. You can rest assured that all of your belongings will remain safe in our containers.

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How Portable Storage in Walnut Creek Works

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How Portable Storage in Walnut Creek Works

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We Provide Helpful Tools for portable storage in walnut creek

Very few people look at the prospect of moving and get excited about the hours packing things into boxes and containers, and then finally getting to your location only to see a treasured item get damaged along the way. Whether this is your first move or you are a moving expert, UNITS will work with you to help your move be as easy and successful as possible. By following UNITS packing tips you can have a smooth and organized move. Our team can help you choose the best supplies and boxes, to maximize the space used and limit the number of trips you’ll need to make when loading and unloading.

We can guide you on the best boxes to use for heavy items; packing papers and tapes so that none of your valuables are damaged during the moving process. From packing heavy objects or small keepsakes, UNITS will make sure to help you keep your belongings organized and safe,  so you can rest easy knowing your belongings will make the trip safely to your new destination.

The Advantages of UNITS For Your Move

Whether you are moving to a new location in Walnut Creek or to a brand new city, UNITS will save you time and money. Instead of hiring a truck and driving back and forth to transfer your household items to your new house, just call UNITS and we will provide you custom-sized storage container.

If you are not quite ready to move yet, we can also bring your container to our storage facility. By hiring UNITS moving and portable storage services, you will be saved from the hassle and anxiety of moving to a new house. Our moving solutions are flexible and we work according to your time and budget. Look no further than UNITS for portable storage in Walnut Creek.

Stress-Free Storage Solutions

At UNITS, customer satisfaction is our top priority and we know that our customer put so much trust in us to keep their belongings stored for them. For this reason, we take many precautions with keep your portable storage container safe.

For locking your portable storage container, you provide the lock so that no one other than you has access to the key or code. Our containers are also sealed to prevent any unwanted guests from sneaking into your container. Whether the container is in front of your home or in our long-term storage warehouse, pests and rodents will never be able to gain entry into your container.

Industry Leading Portable Storage Delivery System
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Since all of our portable storage containers are water proof, there is no need to worry about the effect that weather may have on your belongings. Your items will be safe from rain or other inclement weather just as they are when they are inside your home. If you are looking for the safest option for portable storage in Walnut Creek, UNITS will take care of everything.

Have UNITS Welcome You Home For The Holidays

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While it truly is the most wonderful time of the year, the holidays can be a chaotic and frustrating time for people as they prepare to open their home to swarms of family and friends to celebrate. Let UNITS be your helping hand with your holiday prep.

Maybe you need to clear some space to make room for all your guests? UNITS can bring you a portable storage container so that you can store away large pieces of furniture, even if it is just for a few days. If your house explodes with holiday decorations, you need a place to keep those beautiful decorations all year long. Rather than shoving them all into a corner in the garage, use portable storage in Walnut Creek with UNITS. When the season begins, we will provide on-demand deliveries.

Walnut Creek Portable Storage Solutions That Work For You

The Bay Area is our home too, and we want to people in our community to feel excited when the move rather than stressed and overworked. Whether you’re moving, or just need some storage options, UNITS is your partner and will stand by your side.

We are more than just our trucks and storage containers. When you put your trust in us to take care of your belongings, we can you to feel just as secure if you were doing it yourself. It is our guarantee to exceed your expectations.

We service the entire Bay Area including portable storage in Oaklandportable storage in Fremont and the rest of the great East Bay Area. Give us a call at 925-454-8648 and get a quote today!