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Walnut Creek, CA Moving Storage Solutions

Walnut Creek residents are storing their belongings at their house during a remodelIf you are looking for a moving and portable storage company in Walnut Creek, then UNITS can provide the most secure and flexible moving and storage solutions. We have been catering to our customers moving and storage needs for over 20 years and provide customized moving and storage solutions to our clients in Walnut Creek, CA.  All of our portable storage units are made up of superior quality material and are climate controlled so that your items and belongings can stay secure and safe at all times. In order to provide exceptional customer service and complete satisfaction to our clients we also offer packing tips and space estimator service. UNITS have custom-built storage facilities for the individual needs of our clients living in Walnut Creek. We assure you that with a UNITS storage container at your house, you can store all of your packed items on your schedule and on your budget.

Moving Company in Walnut Creek

Whether you are moving to a new location in Walnut Creek or to a brand new city, UNITS will save you time and money. Instead of hiring a truck and driving back and forth to transfer your household items to your new house, just call UNITS and we will provide you custom sized storage container. It will be delivered to your current home, where you will pack your belongings at your leisure and when ready let us know and we will pick it up and deliver it to your new location or store it our warehouse until you are ready. By hiring UNITS moving and storage services, you will be saved from the hassle and anxiety of moving to a new house. Rather, we make your moving experience in Walnut Creek, CA exciting by providing the best moving solutions. Our moving solutions are flexible and we work according to your time and budget. So, there is no need to panic about loading and unloading all of your things in one day as we will be patient with you throughout the process.

UNITS give you an opportunity to be more organized and in control of your packing process.  We assure you that our portable storage units are made up of durable and extra breathable materials so that your belongings are protected from moisture and the elements. Furthermore, our storage units also have a proper strap system so that your objects stay fixed during the drive.

Tips for Moving to Walnut Creek, CA

UNITS truck moving to Walnut CreekWhen you are moving to a new location in Walnut Creek, it can be confusing about where to start from. We are aware of the fact that people moving for the first time,  or multiple times get frustrated and stressed out about starting the packing process. By following UNITS packing tips you can have a smooth and organized move. Our team can help you choose the best supplies and boxes, by giving you helpful packing tips. We can guide you on the boxes to use for heavy items; packing papers and tapes, so that none of your valuables are damaged during the moving process. From packing heavy objects such as furniture, appliances and cooking supplies to clothes, we can give you the best packing tips and advice that will keep your things organized and safe.

Our Space Estimator Services Save You Money on Your Move

UNITS have a large variety of storage units that will meet the specific requirement of your home in Walnut Creek. We have large as well as small storage containers. In order to stay one step ahead from our competitors, we guide you to select the best container for your things.

Portable Storage Solutions

UNITS can provide you with the utmost superior quality storage unit at your home or to store in our warehouse. We assure you that all of our storage units are climate controlled, durable and easily accessible so that you can easily transfer your things whenever need be. You can be rest assured that all of your belongings will remain safe in our containers.

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