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Moving or putting things into storage does not have to be stressful. It can be such a pain to determine the best methods for transportation and rushing to get everything on the borrowed truck before you have to return it at 5pm. UNITS provides a mix of options for portable storage in Union City that are great for moving and getting extra space around your home.

Union City Portable storage units allow you to load it at your convenience. Our team will drop off a custom sized storage unit in front of your home and you can take all the time you need to load it. For over 20 years, UNITS has been helping the East Bay area to store and move their prized possessions. We have the resources and experience to guide you through the process.

Our top priority is to support you through the process and rest easy knowing that all of your belongings are safe and secured in our high quality, climate controlled portable storage units. From long term storage, to moving to a new home, our team will make sure that your items are protected.

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UNITS Makes Moving Simple

Yep, you did not misread that. Our UNITS team will support you through every step of your move. If you are staying in Union City, or if you are moving further away, our portable storage containers are the best option for moving your entire life into a new home.

Our space estimator can help us find the right size container to fit your needs. If for some reason you find you need a larger container, that is never a problem with UNITS. We will happily exchange the container for a larger one. Our customer sized containers can be left in front of your house for as long you need. Summer moves can be rough if you are trying to get it all done in one day.

As the temperature rises during the day, you become more exhausted. With our containers, you can take your time and rest so you do not overexert yourself. If you find that you need to wait to finish your move, we can store the portable storage container in one of our warehouses until you are ready, then our trucks can deliver it to your new home.

Once you arrive, you can continue to take your time as you move in. Do not feel like everything needs to make their way into the new home and put boxes and furniture in random moves. Plan how you want to move things in and you can unpack as you go.

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How Portable Storage in Union city Works

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Store It

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How Portable Storage in Union city Works

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Long Term Portable Storage in Union City

One key feature of our moving and portable storage containers is that they are designed to be water, mold, and UV resistant. The galvanized steel and integrated roof are sealed off from the elements, especially water, to maintain the most secure storage.

Additionally, all of our containers have a channel strapping system which will help you to secure any valuables during loading or in transit. E-Track straps also make it so that all cargo is restrained horizontally, vertically, laterally, and radially. No matter the size of the load, it will be secured and will not be damaged during loading, unloading, or while attached to a moving truck.

Our translucent roofs allow you to have natural light as you pack your container. The roof is still sealed to prevent any moisture. You provide the lock for your secured portable storage container. That way you know that you are the only person will access to that lock.

UNITS Will Never Leave You Hanging

Not only do we deliver our portable storage container to your door, you also can order any supplies you might need for moving. In the hustle and bustle and moving, you might not realize what supplies you need until you find that you need them. Our packing supplies section provides recommendations to help you plan what you might need. If you need more, just gives us a call and we will be there for you.

The best part is that our box recycling program will help you to save even more money during your move. When you buy new boxes, we will happily buy them back at 25% of what you paid. Or you can take a 50% discount with used boxes. We will still buy back the used boxes at 25% so long as they are in fair condition and can be used again.

UNITS Will Work For You

It is our guarantee that your moving assistance will be customized to fit your exact needs.

You will not need to worry about anything unnecessary, and never worry about the safety and security of your belongings. We will work within your schedule and will set up a designated time to drop of your custom-sized container. This ensures you do not get the surprise drop off and can get right to work if you want to.

We know we are the best choice around for portable storage in Union City, and to prove we’ve compared our store pods to others in the industry. You can see how we compare and exceed the competition on our about page. If you are going to get a portable storage pod then you should make sure you choose the best.

Ready to get your Storage Solution?

We take the utmost care and consideration of your things when transporting them. Either to our warehouse or to your new home. You are in control of how you want to move, so all of the organization is up to you. Call us today at 925-454-8648, or fill out our price quote form, to get started.