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Convenient and reliable portable storage in discovery bay

Storing things can be much more convenient than you’re used to. Meet UNIT’s portable storage in Discovery Bay containers, your new best friend for storing or moving anything from a houseful of furniture to boxes of overflow inventory.

We offer simple, affordable portable storage for individuals and businesses to take advantage of whenever they need to move or store anything.

With two convenient sizes, a ROBO-Unit to place your unit right where you want it, our waterproof units are the smart solution for short term and long-term storage on your terms.

Complete moves without the professionals, store inventory for your busy season, and achieve complex moves and more. Learn about how portable storage can make your life more convenient.

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What Can You Use Portable Storage in Discovery Bay For?

If you’ve never heard of portable storage before, or even if you have, you might not realize just how advantageous and timesaving it is. Here are some scenarios where using portable storage can make your life much easier or even save you money and time.

  • MOVING: Moving is stressful. Make it simple by using portable storage and moving your possessions yourself, on your own schedule, with a longer timeline. Plus we handle all of the transportation for you.
  • STORAGE:  When you’re decluttering or downsizing it can be tough to make multiple trips to a self storage facility. With UNITS you just have to go as far as your driveway to load or unload.
  • RETAIL: For businesses in small spaces, not having the room for your inventory, especially during your busiest season, can mean missing out on sales. Increase your storage space with UNITS
  • FIRE AND FLOOD RESTORATION: After a disaster or significant damage to your home, portable storage in Discovery Bay, CA can allow you to move out undamaged goods, so you have the space to make the repairs you need. 
  • OFFICE: Portable storage makes moving your office or other business simpler too. 
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How Portable Storage in Discovery Bay, CA Works

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How Portable Storage in Discovery Bay, CA Works

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We offer portable storage units that make every aspect of storing an item or all of your belongings much simpler. The essential difference between typical storage units and our units is that you can move our units anywhere. This gives you great flexibility and it prevents you from having to unpack and repack the things you want to store multiple times. Here are the basics of how our portable storage works:

  • Unit drop-off: We can leave your portable unit wherever is most convenient for you. We can park it in your driveway, leave it in the parking lot near your business, or put it virtually anywhere else. We can use our powerful ROBO-unit to place it carefully and close by. 
  • Load the unit: You can take as long as you like to load your unit with whatever you want to store in it or move. You can take hours, days, weeks, or even keep the portable unit on your property for months. Without a timeline, you can do things like move your whole home without hiring movers or take your time with precious cargo or items you need to sort. People who are downsizing find it convenient to pre-sort things before they take them to storage or their new home. 
  • Move the unit: When you’re ready, we can move your portable unit to the next place you need it. Take it to your new home, your new business location, a family member’s home, or to our secure storage facility. 
  • Unit storage: You can keep your portable storage unit at our secure facility, where we have many security measures in place to protect the units. You provide a lock for the unit so not even our staff will have access to it, making it that much more secure. You can choose to unload a few things first, or just drop by and access the unit whenever you need to. When you’re ready, you can move the storage or you can empty it onsite. 
  • Unpack the unit: You can place your unit at your next location or home and take as long as you like unpacking it. 

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Portable storage is the best way to reduce your storage hassles and save time, especially on unloading and reloading.

Everyone on our team is dedicated to fulfilling your storage needs and reducing stress on you while we do it. We offer robust, waterproof units that can sit outside or get safely tucked into our dedicated storage facility.

Reach out to discuss your portable storage options in Discovery Bay, CA today.