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100% Safe and Secure Moving and Portable Storage in Oakland

UNITS moving a portable storage unit in OaklandWhether you are moving for the first time or the 20th time, it is always a daunting and stressful experience.  At UNITS Moving and Portable Storage in Oakland we work hard to remove the stress and hassle that comes with a move for you.  Instead of having to rent giant trucks to drive yourself and deal with the crowded Bay Area traffic, let us bring the moving truck or UNIT to you.  Learn more about our safer and easier moving and storage options below.

Flexible Moving Solutions That Fit Your Schedule And Budget

Portable storage in Oakland provides you with the most versatile options for your move.  You pack up your UNIT when it’s convenient for you and then we will deliver to your new location or store it in our secure storage facility until you are ready to have it delivered.  Our storage containers are also the perfect solution for when you just need to free up some extra space in your home. No need to lug your items back and forth between your home and self-storage company loading and unloading everything twice each time.  We bring your storage unit directly to you and it’s at ground level so you have to loading ramps to deal with. You can learn more about our individual storage units here.

How Our Process Works

  1. Call or E-mail us for a quote.  We will help you choose the right size portable storage container for your needs and explain all the details about how our on-site containers work and answer any questions you might have about our short and long term storage options in our safe and secure facility.
  2. Choose your date for when you would like your UNIT delivered to your door.  Then you can take your time and pack it full of all your belongings. If you need help or advice with packing tips, you can ready our top tips from all our years of experience here.  If you are in need of packing supplies we also have you covered for that.
  3. When your UNIT is full, just reach out and let us know and we’ll come and retrieve the UNIT and deliver either to your new destination or if you need more time then we will take it back to our facility to store it until you are ready to have it delivered.  
  4. Once the UNIT arrives at your new location, you unpack it at your leisure.  Once empty we will come back and remove the UNIT from your property. Portable storage in Oakland truly is the hassle free way to move.

Meet Our Secure Storage Facility

UNITS Storage FacilityIf you are not going to be moving into your new location right away then our large, spacious, indoor and secure storage is perfect for you.  We strive to offer the most secure storage solutions in Oakland and our storage facility is a perfect example of that. Located at our home office, it is staffed daily, clean, equipped with the modern and updated security systems, free of pests and rodents, and best of all you put your own lock on it.  You will rest easy knowing no one but yourself will have access to your UNIT.

On top of all that we also offer month to month leases.  No need to worry about being locked into a long term contract for a storage unit you might need for that long.  When you need to access your belongings we will either deliver the UNIT to you or you can come to the facility and access it yourself.  Whatever choice is best for you.

We are proud of our storage facility and we know you’ll feel confident that your items are safe with us.  If you would like to take a look where your items will be stored then check out our online virtual tour here.

The UNITS Moving And Portable Storage Difference

There are lots of self-storage and moving trucks you can rent in Oakland, but UNITS stands above the rest for a variety of reasons.  We are a Bay Area owned and operated company that gives back, donates, and sponsors local communities around the East Bay. We are in good standing with the BBB and numerous business chambers and associations.  You can check out our reviews on Yelp and Google. Here is a recent review left for us on Google:

We hired UNITS to help us with our storage needs during our months-long move out of the Bay Area, and Rick, Donna, and their team were absolutely wonderful every step of the way! They answered every question without any pressure, stayed in clear communication with us throughout the entire process, and offered a competitive rate that was worth every penny. They helped us coordinate the best timing for having the storage pod delivered to our new home in the way that would save us the most money, provided an excellent recommendation for a moving company that could best meet our needs for loading and unloading the unit, and delivered truly outstanding customer service at every level, from the office staff to the drivers. Thank you, Rick and Donna!
– 5 star Google review from Christina

We also provide business portable storage in Oakland as well.  Whether it’s temporary on-site storage to gear up for a big sale around the holidays or you just need to clear out a room or two for some extra space until your next big project is complete, we will have your back.  Give us a call today at (925) 454-8648 to discuss your commercial storage needs.

UNITS Are Perfect For Holiday Decoration Storage In Oakland

UNITs Moving SuppliesDo like to deck the halls and your house to show you have the most festive spirit on your block every year?  The one downside to fantastic Christmas decorations is that they take up a lot of space in your home for the majority of the year.  More often than not holiday decorations become buried by the summer comes along and come winter you’ll have to go on an expedition in your garage to retrieve them and then spend lots of time untangling or replacing anything that has broken by other boxes that have been piled or stored on top your decoration boxes.  With us you’ll have holiday decor blues no more! When it’s time to take down your lights, and other decorations just give us a call first and we’ll drop a holiday decoration storage UNIT off right at your door.  Load it up at your leisure and our professionals will pick it up and store it safely for you until the next holiday season.

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Our friendly team is here for you and waiting to provide you with fair and affordable moving and portable storage in Oakland solutions.  If you want to e-mail us you can do so here or give us a call at (925) 454-8648.

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