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It’s only when you move that you realize exactly how much stuff you have. Maybe due to how much stuff we own, moving is no one’s favorite task. But, these days, there are new ways to store your things to make moving and many other storage related tasks so much simpler. Portable storage in San Jose is the easy, stress free solution to your move.

The same goes for business owners, who can use our portable storage containers to solve some of their most frustrating business problems and increase their revenue. 

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Why portable storage is the better choice

Portable storage in San Jose is simple and much more convenient than other storage and moving options. You choose the size storage unit that you need, and we drop it off where you need it, whether that is in front of your home or your business.

You can take hours, days, or weeks filling the unit with the objects you need to move or store. Then, we can pick up your unit and drive it to your new home, new location, or to our secure storage site. 

If you choose to store your unit with us, you can be confident it will be kept secure, dry, and protected. We’ll ask you to provide your own lock, so that our staff cannot access your unit. This is just to give you peace of mind knowing that only you can access your belongings. 

If you’ll be unloading your container at your new home or new business location, this is the easiest solution in San Jose.

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How Portable Storage in San Jose Works

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Store It

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How Portable Storage in San Jose Works

We Deliver
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About Our Secure Warehouse

When you store your belongings or business inventory or assets with us, you want to be sure they’ll be secure. We take many steps to be sure that our warehouse is a secure location so you can have peace of mind. We stack the units three high and door-to-door.

This means that, when stacked, the units cannot be accessed even if they break into the building. But, with our forklifts, we can quickly move your unit into an accessible position when you need to access it. 

As you have your own lock for the unit, and we don’t know the code, our staff cannot access your unit, which should give you some additional peace of mind.

Why Move with Portable Storage in San Jose Containers?

Moving with us is as simple as it sounds. There are plenty of reasons to choose this solution over traditional moving options, whether you’re trying to get all of your child’s stuff into a car to get them to college, or whether you’re trying to get rid of some stuff while you downsize to a new home.

Here are a few benefits you’ll get when you complete your move with portable storage:


It can be hard for older adults to downsize, when they have spent their life collecting objects they love and that they treasure. You don’t need to compromise when you’re using portable storage. You can keep items that don’t quite fit in your home in the unit, where it is easily accessible. If you make more room, you can add stored items into your home. If you find your home is a bit cluttered, you can put more away


Unlike when you’re renting a moving van, you have all the time you want with your unit, without incurring huge costs. People who need to take their time sorting through objects will really benefit from this. For example, if you’re sorting out an inheritance in a home, all this time is invaluable and can help get every family member involved.

No movers

With the extra time, you may not need to hire professional movers to handle your move. You still can, if you want their help, but if you’d rather save money, you can do that too.

Handle complex moves

What if you’re moving to two locations? Or if you want to put some of your child’s stuff in storage and the other half in their dorm? Our portable units mean you don’t need to unpack and put the other items in storage. They’re already in the unit!


With transparent ceilings, our units are simpler to see in which makes it easier for you to unload and reload them, or just look through them for your stuff.

No driving

We can move your unit for you, which means that you don’t have to be behind the wheel.

How On-Demand Storage Helps You

Moving isn’t the only way that you can use portable storage in San Jose. There are many more ways that you can use your portable storage unit to solve problems. Here are some of the ways our clients use on demand storage:

  • Small stores: What do you do when you have limited storage for your inventory but you’re selling high volumes? Stock excess inventory in portable store where it is easily accessible and ready to be stocked when you have the openings on the shelves. 
  • Customer storage: Sometimes it’s your customers who might need portable storage. For example, real estate agents can benefit from offering portable storage or discussing its benefits with those who are moving. 
  • Move your business: Businesses that need to move to a new location can use portable storage to make the process more convenient.
  • Christmas inventory: During Christmas, or your busy season, you may need to store more inventory than you have space for. Portable storage can keep your excess nearby so that you can sell more. 
  • Tools and materials: Contractors and others who don’t have an office can use portable storage to keep their excess tools or materials, freeing up space in their truck or letting them plan ahead for larger jobs. 

Choose UNITS for Portable Storage in San Jose

UNITS is dedicated to offering the very smartest solutions for your move or your storage needs. Our portable storage containers are better, and we’re a locally owned and operated company that is dedicated to doing right by our community. 

Contact us to discuss your needs for portable storage in San Jose with us today.