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About UNITS Containers

Compare UNITS To The Competition

UNITS offers storage and moving solutions throughout the East Bay. Our storage pods are designed to make your storage and moving easy. Find out how we compare to PODS®, CoolBox®, and Pack-Rat®. The difference is in the details and the details make all of the difference.

Locally Owned

UNITS is locally owned and operated. Find out how UNITS stands out from the rest by being local and answering our own phones. No call centers here, everyone you speak with is local and go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied.

Local Owners

UNITS is a locally owned and operated franchise. We set ourselves apart from the others by having local service agents that when you call, you talk to us in the office and we’ll be the same people you will see in the office and delivering your UNIT. We strive to treat each of our customers as our neighbors because they really might be!

UNITS Owners | Brian & Alex

Secure Warehouse

UNITS offers storage options at our secure climate-controlled warehouse.

How We Keep Our Warehouse Secure

UNITS moving and portable storage has a secure warehouse that offers more than just a good lock and security system. When you store your container pod at our location, we can stack them three high with our forklift. This is an added level of security because we stack them door to door. It makes it next to impossible to get into the UNIT even if someone was able to get into the building.

You can also access your UNIT at any time. Just give us a call and we will get your UNIT in an easily accessible location where you can open your lock and have access to anything inside. Located in Livermore, we are easy to get to right off the 580.

Take a look at the virtual tour of our office and warehouse. You can see the steps we take to ensure your belongings are kept safe and secure in an indoor warehouse.

Industry First Delivery Options

A true industry first: Robo-UNITS delivery system. Our unique delivery systems keep the UNITS level and can place them in the tightest spaces that others can’t.

Robo-UNIT Delivery System

UNITS offers a delivery system that no other company in the industry can offer. Our new Robo-UNIT allows our storage pods to be delivered into the tightest most difficult locations. This system also keeps the container level during loading and unloading limiting the shifting that can happen during transport. Our robo delivery system truly is the only in the industry.

Container Benefits

The UNITS storage pod containers are industry leading with unique features like our E-Track system, transparent roof, and climate secure containers. See how our UNITS compare to the competition.

How Our UNITS Are Different Than The Rest

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage containers are specifically designed to be water, mold, and UV resistant. UNITS portable storage containers are made of galvanized steel with an integrated roof system, which enables us to provide the most watertight, structurally secure storage containers in the industry!

inside of portable storage container

Every UNIT is made with breathable space-age materials, which means there is no mold or moisture build-up. Your belongings will be protected from damage that can occur in typical storage facilities.

  • Available in both 8′ x 12′ and 8′ x 16′ foot sizes
  • More interior space than the competitors

E-Track Tie-Downs

E-Track Straps are used for cargo control during transportation. Various cargo and equipment can be tied down using E-Track for to constrain the cargo in horizontal, vertical, lateral and radial directions. E-Track straps control the movement of cargo during transportation by integrating durable polyester material with tie-down hardware that secures the load to the track in our custom moving and storage container units.

example a UNITS container for portable storage in Martinez

Locking System

You provide the lock for your UNIT for added security while at your location or while in one of our secure storage facilities. You’ll enjoy Peace of Mind knowing that your belongings are stored securely within the most WATERTIGHT, STRUCTURALLY SECURE, LIGHTEST containers in the industry!

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