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Look No Further Than UNITS

Finding reliable portable storage in Newark, CA can be overwhelming. You want to find a company that will take care of your belongings as if they were safely secured in your own home. Ideally, you want a company that is going to guarantee safety and works within your schedule. Look no further than UNITS.

We have over two decades of experience in the East Bay and have systems in place that work for our customers. Customer convenience and satisfaction is our top priority, which is why our portable storage containers in Newark, CA are the best choice. When using a portable storage unit, you can load it up on your schedule. 

Whether you are moving, or just need to make room in your home, our containers are weather-resistant, secure, and easy to manage. Managing your storage unit should not fall on your shoulders.

Let UNITS take care of the unit and transportation. All you need to do is decide what you want to load. Not sure how to load your container? We offer packing tips on our website that can help you determine how to maximize your space. 

Even if you discover that you need a bigger container, we will swap out the container as soon as you notify us.

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Need A Hand With Your Move? UNITS Can Help!

Our portable storage containers are so secure that you do not need to worry about a thing when you choose UNITS as your moving partner. Whether you are moving across Newark CA, to another city in California, or even another state, our team can be your guide throughout the moving process.

You pick the date when the container is dropped off in front of your home, and you have all the flexibility you need. Take our time packing your things to prepare for your move so it can be organized and seamless.

You can also use the extended time to downsize without rushing to make decisions. When you are ready for the big move, give us a call and our team will pick up your container and deliver it to your new home.

woman moving a wardrobe box to put into a portable storage in newark ca container

How Portable Storage in Newark Works

close up image of a units delivery truck

We Deliver

You Pack

image of a woman locking a portable storage container

Store It

Portable storage Containers Being Stored in UNITS secure warehouse

Secure It

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Move It

How Portable Storage in Newark Works

We Deliver
We’ll deliver our UNITS portable storage container right to your home or office in Livermore or anywhere in the Bay Area. We take care of the driving for you.
Take your time and pack your container at your pace. With easy access doors that are floor level you won’t have deal with any loading ramps or heavy lifting.
Once your container is packed and ready, you can store it at home until the time comes when you no longer need it!
If you don’t want to store your container at your place, you can keep your container secure in our 24/7 monitored facility.
When you’re ready to move and have your container at the new property, we’ll deliver it there for you.
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How Can Portable Storage Help With Home Renovation?

Making renovations in your home can be exciting. In the beginning, you are dreaming about what the end result will be. The often forgotten piece of home renovations is that frequently your contractor may request that everything is removed from a room, or multiple rooms at once.

If you need to clear space to make some big changes, you can use a UNITS portable storage container. You can decide to leave the container on your property, or we can clear it away and store it in our secure warehouse–it is completely up to you. You will not need to figure out a way to put two rooms of furniture into one or push everything you can into your garage or backyard. Instead, use the more secure option with our climate-controlled portable storage in Newark CA, California.

Unlike some of our competitors, you will not have to pay extra for the added security of a climate-controlled container. Our goal is to ensure that all your belongings are just as safe as they would be in your room, so regardless of the weather outside, your things will be undamaged.

UNITS Is Newark CA’s Secure Portable Storage Option

We understand concerns for safety, and leaving your prized possessions in your driveway or even in a warehouse can seem scary. It is for this reason that we have systems in place to ensure the safety and security of all your items.

For storing in front of your home, we have our customers provide their own locks. We do this so that you have peace of mind that no person other than you has access to your container.

Should you need to transfer the container to one of our warehouses, your containers will be safe from any potential burglars or vermin looking to infiltrate your things. Our warehouses are equipped with state of the art security systems and are staffed daily to monitor security.

UNITS Is Easy And Stress Free Portable Storage in Newark, CA

From deciding what goes and what stays to lugging all of the items to a storage facility, choosing to put your belongings into storage can be frustrating. At UNITS, we decided that we needed to help our customers feel less frustrated throughout the process.

The secure container is delivered to your home whenever you decide, and you can take your time loading that container. While you could rent a truck and drive it to a storage facility yourself, UNITS offers more streamlined processes that allow our team to support you without breaking the bank. You will not need to watch the clock so you can return the truck before a certain time because UNITS works within your schedule.

a couple leaves a portable storage in newark ca container after packing
units portable storage delivery while homeowner watches

Take an extra day if things run long, or if you need a break. The best part is that you do not need to unload your belongings and carry them into your assigned storage container. All of your things will stay in the containers exactly as you stored them. Should you need to access your belongings, you can simply drive to our storage facility and you will discover all of your items stored exactly as you left them.

You can also just give us a call and we can deliver the container back to you. Let UNITS be your partner for portable storage in Newark, CA.

UNITS Proudly Serves the Bay Area, Call Us Today To Get Started

Our customer service team is waiting for you. Call us at 925-454-8648 for a quote, or use our price quote tool on the right side of the page.

We want to be your guide for all of your moving and portable storage in Newark, CA needs. Check out our blog for more moving and packing tips like moving picture frames and other useful topics for your move.