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Portable Storage in San Ramon: The Easy Way To Move From House to House

An interior view of a UNIT used for portable storage in san ramonUNITS has been helping people in the San Ramon area for years. With their custom-built portable storage units, UNITS is able to provide a convenient and cost-effective solution that will make your life easier while you are moving homes or storing items such as furniture and other large pieces of equipment. Portable storage in San Ramon is the easy stress free way to move.

Having our custom-built portable storage unit at your house can save you from the frustration and anxiety that is associated with moving to a new location. You can easily transfer your belongings to UNITS portable storage container outside your house and once you are done with your packing we will pick it up and take it to your new location or store it in our warehouse until you are ready to have it delivered. 

UNITS Portable Storage Solutions are designed with your needs in mind to make packing, storing and moving easier!

Portable storage units provide the perfect way for you to pack up items on a schedule that works best for YOU. UNITS can be at YOUR home or office when it is convenient FOR YOU – we’ll handle all of the work while giving you peace-of-mind.

Use Our Space Estimator To Know Exactly What Container You Will Need

UNITS always stays one step ahead from other moving and storage companies by providing the best customized moving and storage solutions to its clients. Many of our customers are usually confused about the right containers to use while transferring items.

UNITS has a large selection of containers from which you can choose. Our experienced UNITS team will help and advise you to choose the perfect container for your things. And in case you feel that the containers we have provided are not sufficient for your items and goods then we will immediately deliver more containers.

How Portable Storage in San Ramon Works

Whether you are moving to a new house in San Ramon or a nearby city, UNITS is here to help you out. Once you fill our container unit, we will move all of your belongings and household items securely and smoothly to your new destination.

With our portable storage unit at your location, you can easily move your belongings back and forth whenever it is required. No need to drive up to your new house to load and unload things on your own, just call UNITS moving and portable storage and we will send a container out to you.

With UNITS cost-effective moving solutions you will not have to hire an expensive full service moving agency to pack up your house and valuables and then deliver your things. In order to keep you in full control of your situation, we offer space estimator service and packing tips, so that you remain organized with your moving process from the start.

Let Us Store Your UNIT For You

If you aren’t able to have your portable storage in San Ramon container delivered to your new address, you can store it in at our state of the art secure facility.

Our Storage Facility Benefits:
– You can store your items at our facility for as long as you need to.
– We have 24/7 monitoring and climate control so your items are safe.
– You will be able to access your storage container when needed.
– It is easy to get in touch with us about delivery of the portable storage container.

To get a quick quote call us on the provided number or email us now! 

Packing Tips  for Moving in San Ramon

Image of Portable storage in San Ramon on a driveway in front of a home.UNITS will help you from the start till the end to make your move hassle-free, therefore we also offer packing tips that will save you energy and time. With the right supplies and an effective plan at hand, moving to a new house in San Ramon, will be extremely easy.

UNITS offers a large range of packing tips such as the best way to pack fragile objects, using straps and ropes to pack heavy objects so that they don’t get damaged during delivery. They also recommend purchasing extra boxes, preparing a checklist so that you don’t leave out on any important items.

With UNITS detailed packing tips you will stay organized and can swiftly pack all of your objects safely. UNITS have more than 20 years of experience in providing moving and storage services in many areas of California including San Ramon, thus our packing tips are designed in such a way that will make our customers in San Ramon, happy and stress- free.

Commercial Portable Storage In San Ramon

A portable storage container can be a great solution for a variety of projects and are not just used for residential moving options. We provide industry-leading containers for a wide variety of commercial projects and developers.

For real estate agencies and realtors, we provide easy solutions to help stage and show properties. While also offering a solution for your customers to use while moving.

Contractors utilize our service as an easy way to get extra storage on the job site. Our weatherproof semi-transparent roofs ensure you get plenty of light to see what you are doing while inside our containers. While also making sure no one can see what you have stored inside while also keeping the elements out.

Retail and office locations can benefit from on-demand extra storage to help free up space inside your property or store extra inventory as needed throughout the year.

Compare Us To The Competition

When you are looking into getting a portable storage in San Ramon pod for your next move or to free up some space around your house, we know you have a lot of choices.

We’ve worked to stand out from the crowd with the best storage pod service in the industry. Click here to compare us to PODS®, Coolbox, Uhaul, and more.

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