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Living in Mountain View is exceptional, and we think the process of moving in, or storing things in the city, should be exceptional too. UNITS offers portable storage in Mountain View that can make every aspect of a move, downsize, short-term or long-term storage situation better.

Not only do we have high-quality units that are easily portable, but we also have secure storage and quick pick-up and drop-off services, all for reasonable prices.

Businesses, individuals and homeowners use our portable storage to make their items more secure and easily accessible.

Discover what our on-demand storage can offer you below.

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When Should You Consider Portable Storage?

Portable storage might sound like it’s for something other than just your simple move or storing a few things. Actually, portable storage is just better than non-portable storage, and we think you should use it any time you need to store something. Businesses and individuals can benefit from it in many situations, including: 

Home sales: Selling your home can be a challenge, especially with the added expectation of staging. You can move major items or your clutter out into your portable unit for the sale process, and simply bring along the unit when you’re ready to move. This way you don’t have to pack those items twice. 

Inventory issues: Those who run small stores but suddenly experience higher sale volumes might be able to do even better if they could store more inventory. Portable storage can give you the flexibility to do so over the short or the long term. 

Holiday prep: Need somewhere to store your Christmas objects that isn’t your overcrowded basement? How about somewhere to store your Christmas inventory? Portable storage is a great option you can use every year. 

Downsizing: When you’re moving into a smaller place it can be hard to know what will fit and what won’t. Portable storage gives you the flexibility to try things, send them to storage and bring them back until you have it just right. 

College storage: Need to store some things while you head to college? It’ll all be waiting for you when you return if you use a portable unit. 


How Portable Storage in Mountain View Works

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How Portable Storage in Mountain View Works

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About Our Portable Storage in Mountain View Containers

We’ve thought of everything to design storage containers that are easily portable, well-sized for different storage needs and still secure and watertight. We’ve included features that make our units the perfect place to park your favorite things, without needing to worry how storage will treat them. Here are some details you might want to know about our units:

  • Sizes: We have two standard sizes of portable units: 8 wide x 8 tall x 12 long and 8 wide x 8 tall by 16 feet long. Most people will end up choosing the smaller of the two units, but those who have large homes, an unusual amount of items to store or items that are longer than 12 feet, should choose the larger unit. We can help you estimate which container is the right size for you.
  • Specialized straps: When you pack in large but unusually proportioned items such as furniture, you need to strap them down to prevent them from moving, crushing other objects, or dinging themselves against tougher objects. For that purpose, we have units that are E-track strap compatible. You or your moving team can strap down your largest items easily.
  • Light: Our units have translucent tops, which means you get natural light inside of the unit. That helps when you’re loading or unloading, especially in the very front of the unit. It is a lot easier for people who aren’t professionals to move when they can see better.
  • UV resistance: We know that full exposure to natural light isn’t great for things like your fabric and upholstered furniture. So those same translucent tops have built-in UV protection to keep your fabrics from fading during long-term storage.
  • Durability: Moving in the rain? No problem, the unit is watertight. Storing for a long time? The unit is resistant to mold to prevent damage to your possessions.

Why Choose a Portable Storage Option?

What makes the “portable” part of portable storage so convenient? You only need to load things once: directly into the unit, instead of loading them into a vehicle, bringing them to the unit, and loading them on-site. You also save this step when you’re unloading your items.

A second, related, advantage of portable storage is that the unit itself can sit on your property for as long as you like. That means you can take a long time to pack up your items, making large or complex moves much more feasible. You do not even need to bring the unit to our storage center at all if that doesn’t work for you.

We can park it where you need it and leave it there or drive it to your new location.

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UNITS offer convenient, quality, and reasonably priced portable storage solutions in Mountain View. Reach out to our team to ask your questions or book your unit. 

Contact us to discuss your needs for portable storage in Mountain View or your portable storage in San Jose needs with us today.