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Flexible Moving and Storage Options in San Leandro

UNIT getting delivered to San LeandroAmericans have a problem with too much stuff. 65% of people who have a self-storage unit already have a garage, while 47% have an attic and 33% have access to a basement. People who require storage options simply have more belongings in their home than they have space. Portable storage units are an easy and flexible option to help declutter your home, and take the stress out of moving. UNITS provides a variety of portable storage options in San Leandro to keep your belongings safe. With our 20 years of experience throughout the East Bay area, we can provide secure storage to fit your needs. You can be assured that your belongings are safe in our high quality, climate-controlled portable storage unit.

San Leandro UNITS Experts are Here to Help

Whether you’re staying in San Leandro, moving around the Bay Area, or to a new state, UNITS can assist throughout the moving process and keep your mind at ease.  Our custom sized storage units are dropped off in front of your home for you to load on your time. Take the time you need to load the unit, then simply call us when you’re ready to move the unit to your new home, or keep it secure in our warehouse. Our space estimator service will make sure you have the appropriately sized portable container. Whether you use our storage facility or one of our portable containers at your house, we will help you schedule your move efficiently and within your budget.

5 Ways Portable Storage UNITS will Help Your Move

  1. Your life should not stop just because you are moving. The most anxiety inducing thoughts people have as they begin in a move is that they are going to run out of time. UNITS containers are easy to load and are delivered right to your home or office. You can schedule your move on your own time so you can continue to live your life while you prepare for your next chapter.
  2. UNITS will work within your budget so you do not need to break the bank just because you’re moving. Our climate controlled containers will keep your items safe so there is no need to worry about replacing anything as a result of damage.
  3. Our custom sized units will ensure that you have exactly what you need for your storage or moving needs. Use our expert packing tips to streamline your moving process to fit your needs.
  4. Portable Storage units will make it so that you can organize your move the way you want. You can reorganize as you can and take your time labeling your boxes and keeping everything that goes together in the same place.
  5. Staying in San Leandro, or moving to another state? Our portable storage containers can be transported wherever you need once you are ready to make your move. You can rest easy knowing your personal container is locked in one of our warehouse for long term storage, and transported safely with our moving experts.

UNITS Will Work to Serve You

UNITS Storage containers at the local warehouseMoving is not the same for everyone. UNITS will provide you with customized moving assistance to fit your needs. With our wide variety of containers, our staff will find the perfect container in order to store your belongings safely and conveniently throughout the process. UNITS portable storage units can be left at your home for however long you need or can be safely transported to our warehouse for more long term secured storage.

With UNITS, there’s no need to load and unload multiple times. Use our containers for as long as you need. There is no need to stress about loading your entire home within a day. We allow you to have control over your organization and moving process. Your belongings will be safe from the elements and our proper strap system will keep your belongings stationary while in transit. Look no further than UNITS for your portable storage in San Leandro.

Short Term Portable Storage in San Leandro

Even if you are not moving, but just need to temporarily expand your garage to get organized, UNITS can support you for your storage needs. Use any of our portable storage options to temporarily store furniture to make space for an event, or to store personal items while your house gets a remodel or cleaning. It is as easy as filling out the form and we will schedule your UNIT for delivery right away.

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