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Packing Supplies

Items in blue are highly recommended
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Paper & Wrap

 Packing Paper, inkless (10 lbs. – 140 Sheets)  $14.99
 Packing Paper, inkless (30lbs. – 420 Sheets)  $39.99
 Stretch Wrap (20”x 1000′ roll on roller)  $19.99
 Stretch Wrap (5″ x 1000′ roll on roller)  $7.99
 Padded Paper Pads (54″ x 64″)  $1.99
 Bubble Wrap – Small Bubbles (12″x30″)  $9.99
 Bubble Wrap – Small Bubbles (12″x175′ roll)  $34.99
 Styrofoam Peanuts (3/4 cu. ft. – biodegradable)  $3.99

Boxes (See Recycle Program Below)

Small (16”x12”x12”) $1.59
Medium (18”x18”x16”) $2.79
Large (18”x18”x24”) $3.49
X-Large (22”x22”x22”) $4.49
Dish Barrel Box – double thick (18″x18″x27″) $5.99
File Box (15″x12″x10″) heavy duty $3.25
Wardrobe Box – Short (24″x20″x36″) $11.99
Wardrobe Box – Tall (24”x20”x46”) $14.99
Cup/Glass Box with foam dividers (holds 12-24 glasses) $12.99
Dish Box with foam dividers (holds 24 dishes) $13.99
Mirror/Picture Box(small $6.99 | medium $9.99 | large $12.99) $13.99

Plastic Covers

Sofa Protector $6.99
Chair Protector (includes two) $5.99
Twin Mattress $5.99
Full Mattress $6.99
Queen Mattress $7.99
King Mattress $8.99

Misc Essentials

Disc Lock (2 3/4” Master brand) $12.99
Dehumidifier Packets (pulls moisture from container) $11.99
Printed Room Identifier Label Kit $9.99
Tape Roll (2″ x 55 yards) $1.99
Tape Gun $9.99

Rentable Equipment

E-Straps – (2”x12′) $2.99 per month** (or purchase for $14.99)
Quilted Moving Pads (80”x60”) $2.99 per month** (or purchase for $14.99)
2-Wheel hand truck – Dolly (300 lb. capacity)
+$50 refundable deposit at time of rental**
$16.99 one-time rental fee
4-Wheel furniture mover
+$30 refundable deposit**
$9.99 one-time rental fee
 Clothing Bar to Hang in UNITS $9.99/month

** Must be returned at time of load pick-up for your deposit refund.

Box Recycle Program

In an effort to be more environmentally responsible, we are encouraging all of our customers to take advantage of our box recycle program.

There are two ways that you can participate:

  • Buy new boxes and we’ll buy them back at 25% of what you paid*
  • Buy used boxes at half price and we’ll buy them back at 25% of what you paid*

*Provided boxes are in fair condition and can be used again.

Recycled Boxes

Small (16”x12”x12”) $0.99
Medium (18”x18”x16”) $1.79
Large (18”x18”x24”) $2.49
X-Large (22”x22”x22”) $2.99
Wardrobe Box – Short (24”x20”x36”) $8.49
Wardrobe Box – Tall (24”x20”x46”) $10.99
File Box (15”x12”x10”) heavy duty $3.49
Mug/Glass Box (16”x12”x12”) holds 12-24 glasses $8.99
Dish Box with foam dividers (holds 24 dishes) $8.99
Dishes Barrel Box (18”x18”x27”) $4.29
Mirror/Picture Box (28,38,48 x 4 x 60) $4.99, $6.99, $9.99
Padded Paper Pads (54″ x 64″) $1.49

We look forward to working with you to help sustain our environment!

When searching for a portable storage container UNITS was the only company I contacted where I actually talked to a live person immediately who actually lived in my area – the rest where call centers. Donna was very pleasant and truly wanted to understand my needs. She worked with me to get me my container at the time I wanted it. The driver was prompt and courteous as well. The container I received was obviously brand new and exceeded my expectation of quality. UNITS pricing was also the lowest I found other than inferior grade (all wood) containers. I highly recommend UNITS for your next move. I guess they do storage too.


-Wayne J., Pleasant Hill, CA

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