5 Services to Set Up for Your New Home

Setting up a new home after moving, tips by Units East Bay.

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So you’re getting ready to pack up your life and move into a new home? This is very exciting news. And, believe it or not, amidst all the excitement and packing and renting of portable storage unit and more packing, you’re likely to forget a few things. Hopefully you don’t forget your son Kevin and leave him behind at the old house (hey we understand, it happens). But there are a few services you should get set up in your new home ASAP in order to make the transition as easy as possible. Here’s our list of the five services to set up in your new home ASAP.

1.    The basics – gas, water, garbage, electricity

These are the essentials, and therefore make it first on our list. You can do laundry or take a hot shower without gas, water, or electricity in place and paid for. And god knows that when you start unpacking, you’re going to get dirty and sweaty and gross – and you’re also going to find a bunch of stuff you should have thrown away. That’s why it’s also important to set up garbage before you start unpacking. Get a jumpstart on these and you’ll make your move a whole lot easier.

2.    Plumbing

You need to get a plumber in your new city that you can trust. Why? Because you honestly never know what kinds of plumbing problems you’ll have on day one (and trust us, if it could happen, it will). Look for a plumber that is fully licensed and insured and also has good reviews on Yelp or other online review platforms. When in doubt, ask your neighbors who they choose for plumbing services. This is a great chance to meet the neighborhood, too.

3.    Internet and cable

Setting up the internet in a new house after moving with Units East Bay. Internet is a must wherever you go these days, so you might as well get Wi-Fi set up from the get-go. Need to look up a place to grab dinner near your new house? Can’t do that without internet, unless you want to waste your cell phone data. And how will you keep up to date on local news without cable installed? It’s best not to delay your comfort by postponing the installation of your chosen internet service.

4.    Lawn and tree care

Are you just itching to get rid of that ugly stump in your new front yard, or to swap out the messy pine tree with a coast live oak tree instead? Start looking for lawn and tree care specialists early so you aren’t scrambling to find one after the next big storm when a tree branch falls on your roof.

5. Home Security

Sure, you might have moved to a great neighborhood in a great town, but it’s never a bad idea to have a security system in place. This is even more true because people driving by will obviously be able to tell that you’re either moving out or moving in, and this makes you vulnerable to burglaries. Remember to keep your doors locked even if you’re home, and not to leave the garage door open simply because it’s more convenient during the move. In the meantime, look into getting a system like the Nest Cam or ADT.

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