7 Things to Pack Last When Moving

new house just after moving in

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Whether you’re moving now, in a few weeks, or maybe not for a few months, it’s important to have a plan for packing up your belongings. Where do you even start? Do you pack up the garage, the kitchen, or the guest rooms first? Do you go room by room, or do a little bit from each room all at once? These are important questions to ask yourself, especially because it can be annoying trying to find something once you’ve packed it away in one of dozens of boxes.  Below you’ll find the things to pack last when moving. So what should you pack last? We’ve compiled our list of 5 things to pack last when moving in order to help you think ahead and not get too stressed (or at least, not more than you need to be).

1. Your Computer

You might be tempted to just pack up your entire office all at once, but remember that packing is a process. You’ll probably start putting things in boxes weeks before you actually move, and you don’t want your computer to be in hibernation for that long. Leave your other essential electronics unpacked, too – like your tablet, e-reader, and a few essential DVDs so you can play them in the background while you prep for your move.

2. Blankets and Pillows

Throughout the entire moving process, you still have to sleep! Leave your bedding, pillows, and blankets as one of the last things to pack for your move. You can also use blankets to help protect furniture or other breakable items as you load up your moving storage unit.

3. Snacks – and a Bottle Opener

Yes of course you have to sleep, but you also have to eat. If you pack away all your food, you are condemning yourself to eating fast food each night until the big moving day – which can get expensive (and unhealthy) fast. Keep some snacks and groceries in the kitchen that you know you’ll want. And leave a bottle opener out so you can crack open a beer or two while you box everything up.

4. Tools

It seems like a good idea at first to pack up all of your tools, scissors, screwdrivers, and the like. But uh, how are you going to take apart your bed frame so it fits in the unit? Leave out a few of the essential tools so you don’t have to unpack or go out and buy more tools to replace your already-packed ones so tools are a definite part of the things to pack last when moving.

5. Cleaning Supplies

Just because you’re moving doesn’t mean you won’t make messes anymore. Leave a few cleaning supplies like a wood cleaner, general purpose disinfectant, and a carpet stain remover in an easily accessible spot. Even if you just sold your home, you still need to take care of it for the future owners. This is especially true if you’re renting, since an unclean house or apartment can risk you getting your security deposit back.

6. Important Documents

You never know what documents you’ll need to keep handy when preparing for a move, especially if you’re buying a new home. Keep your ID, passport, birth certificate, social security card, and a checkbook handy.

7. A Warm Jacket

It doesn’t have to be a warm jacket if you’re moving in the middle of summer, but the sentiment is the same – make sure you have weather-appropriate clothing on hand so you don’t have to rifle through dozens of packed boxes of clothes to find what you need. You’re already spending lots of money on your move, so don’t waste more of it on new clothing if you’ve already got what you need. A good general rule of thumb when deciding what to pack first is to ask yourself, “Will I need this in the next 24 hours?” If you can get by without it, then it’s safe to pack. If not, make sure you leave it out or make it one of the things to pack last when moving.

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