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November 2009

UNITS Mobile Storage Ensures Success of Holiday Season for Local Shelter
Owner’s donation to Shepherd’s Gate Shelter helps in more ways than one


November, 2009-East Bay, Ca – For the past 25 years, the Shepherd’s Gate Shelter has been providing aid and protection to homeless and battered women and children. Completely funded by donations and run through the help of volunteers, the shelter is an amazing example of the kind hearts that live in the East Bay area. However, with somewhat limited resources, the shelter needs even more support as the holiday season rolls around. Donna Topp, owner of the East Bay UNITS Mobile Storage, helped to make a huge difference by offering to provide assistance crucial to maintaining the safe haven these women and children need.

Knowing that the shelter would need a place to store clothes and toys for the Christmas season before distributing them, Donna planned to donate a UNIT for the month of December. Just recently, Keelie Chamberland from the shelter called and asked to use the UNIT a month and a half earlier to store supplies used to rebuild the fence around the property. Of course, Topp agreed.

“Keelie told me that the shelter had finally gotten the supplies and manpower to rebuild the dilapidated fence, but they didn’t have a place to store everything,” says Topp. “Without the UNIT, the supplies would have been covered with a tarp without any security. After all that they do for these families, the least I could do was ensure that the wood for the project wouldn’t get stolen or damaged.

A storage unit that is easily moved, packed, and relocated is just what the shelter needed. The fencing project will begin the first week of December and new/unused gifts can be donated between 9:30 and 4:30 from December 1st -22nd at 1660 Portola Avenue in Livermore. For more information call the Shepherd’s Gate Shelter at (925) 423-4283.

Topp explains, “After all that Shepherd’s Gate does for these families, the least we could do was make the volunteers’ lives a little easier. So many people come together to make sure that the Shelter succeeds: companies, families, Boy Scout troops and more. We’re just glad to be a part of it.”

We’ll set up an interview for you to talk with a UNITS representative and a Shepherd’s Gate volunteer about the shelter’s fantastic work, and the rewards of community participation and charity during the holiday season.

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