Benefits of Using a Portable Storage Instead of Self Storage

Whether you are looking to move or need to free up some extra space in your home, most people have used or experienced a storage unit at some point in their lives. However, more recently portable storage has become the go to choice for many that need storage solutions. Is portable storage instead of self storage the right choice for you? Portable storage eliminates the hassle that a self storage unit creates, saves you time and money, and is quickly becoming the best choice for any moving and storage solution..

There’s more to these onsite storage containers though. So, read on to find out their many other benefits!

1. Moving Made Easy

boxes being packed in living roomImagine this:

You’re about to move to your new home. You’ve packed all your things and now want to set up your new place with the needed services (think utilities, telecoms, etc.). In all the hustle and bustle of your move, you failed to realize that you can’t move and transport all those boxes to your new residence!

So, you call up a few moving companies. The problem is, since you’ve called last minute, many of them already have fully-booked schedules. This then means a possibility you’d have to delay your big move!
That can be one real frustrating experience. Especially if you also forgot to allocate budget for hiring a moving service, which can run anywhere from $465 to $1,283.

With portable storage instead of self storage, you can set up right away where you want your packed stuff to go. You may have it delivered to your new house, or they can help you connect with a storage facility.

How’s that for an easier, less painful move?

2. No Unloading and Relocating Needed

family loading a moving truck to deliver items to a self storage facilityAs if moving isn’t hard enough as it is, you’d also have to think of how to transport your packed stuff to either your new abode or a storage facility.

This means after packing your valuables, you’d need to load them to a moving truck. From there, you’d have to unload it from the vehicle, and then pack them up in your rented-out storage unit.
Imagine how long the process can take! Definitely more than a few hours!

When you go for portable storage instead of self storage for moving, you save time from not having to load, unload, and relocate your packed possessions. You only have to tell the company when you want the containers picked up. They’ll then come and get it from the pick-up site, and then deliver it to your desired destination.

You don’t have any loading or unloading to do. The moving service will carry out all these tasks – you only need to pack your stuff properly in the container.

3. The Right Amount of Space, for Less

diagram of portable storage unit measurementsSelf storage units are no doubt, a great option for those who have a gazillion things needing to go into storage. After all, they have sizes comparable to large houses.

But what if you only need, say an 8′ x 12′ space? While you may find self storage facilities offering smaller units (like 5′ x 5′ or 10′ x 10′), you still have to factor in all the other tasks like loading, transport, and unloading. All these extra chores make it a less attractive option.

That said, one good reason to go with a portable temporary storage unit is if you need a smaller space, period. Again, you need only to pack your stuff into the unit (which the company will deliver right to your doorstep). You don’t have to worry about paying more for the “smallest” space which is still too big for all your stuff.

4. Easier Retrieval and Access

Say you’re about to pack all your valuables in preparation for a move and their storage. Before you put in those items in the boxes, you should think about how you can retrieve and access them too! After all, you most likely have stuff that you need to go into storage for a shorter period of time.

Think about how inconvenient it would be to travel all the way to the facility when you only need to pick up a few boxes. You even need to map out how you’ll pack the boxes into the unit so you won’t have trouble accessing your items. All these add even more chores to the already-challenging task of moving.

The good news is, door to door storage services won’t put you through all these extra responsibilities. Once you need your containers stored in their facility, you only need to call them up and ask them to deliver it to you. No need to travel, no need to waste time in traffic.

5. Safe and Secure Storage Right Where You Want It

UNITS Storage FacilityThere are some situations wherein you only need extra storage at home. For example, you’re prepping for a garage sale, a remodeling, or a renovation project. In this case, there’s no actual need for you to move them yourself into a  facility. Portable storage instead of self storage would be the right choice for you.

Onsite storage containers are some of your best options for instances like this. So long as you work with a reliable company, you can expect durable, tough, and sturdy portable storage containers to protect your belongings. They come with tamper-proof security features, as well as weatherproofing to safeguard your valuables from environmental factors.

Best of all, you can keep your storage unit at home. So, once you’re done with the garage sale or the home improvement project, you can unlock and unload it at your own convenience. The storage company will then come to pick up the unit at your preferred time.

A Portable Storage Unit Takes the Hassle Out of Packing and Moving

There are more benefits to portable storage instead of self storage than these five above. But they should be enough to make you realize their advantages over your self storage options. Imagine the convenience, cost-effectiveness, and peace of mind you’ll enjoy.

Connect with us now if you want the freedom that portable storage containers can give you! We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and address your worries about your big move.