Portable Storage For Holiday Decorations Save Time and Space

christmas background for portable storage for holiday decorations
Portable storage can store all of your Holiday decorations.

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The holidays are a great time to deck the halls and show your festive spirit by decorating your home or office.  Have you found yourself collecting so many new decorations over the years that they keep taking up more and more space in your home? Have you stopped expanding your decorations and you’re no longer the most festive house on the block, due to storage limitations? Portable storage for holiday decorations could be the perfect solution for you.

The holidays are stressful enough with bad weather, numerous parties to attend, and getting the shopping done on time.  The last thing you need to have to deal with is to climb over boxes of new things that have piled up in the garage. Just to find the decoration boxes that were packed away the year prior.  Portable storage is the only solution where you can safely store your Christmas lights and holiday decorations off-site and have them delivered right to your driveway when you need them. Also, you have the benefit of getting the portable storage container brought back to you when you are ready to pack them back up and have them taken away again until next year.

packing up christmas tree ornaments to be put into portable storage

The Cons Of Storing Holiday Decorations At Home

Most everyone has a section of the home, garage, or shed to store holiday decorations.  The problem with this is you are always going to be limited to whatever open space you have to be able to store your decorations.  That means making some hard choices when planning out your decorating options. To make sure you’ll have the space to store them when they are not on display. Or worse yet you may want to go all out creating a spooky haunted house in your neighboorhood for Halloween and deck out your yard and roof with numerous Christmas lights and displays. However, due to storage limits, you’ll have to choose one holiday over the other.

It’s Easy To Outgrow Your Home Storage Space Needs

Another con to storing at home is that as the year goes on you’ll naturally accumulate more things. These items are stored near, around, or sometimes even on your holiday displays.  In some cases, you might have large new purchases like cars and trucks, and/or new appliances. This will cause your Christmas lights and decor to be evicted to other less desirable locations. Like an attic or shed that you won’t be able to utilize for other things.  When items are not packed safely this can cause breakage, as other items are set on top of these boxes, or they are moved around from place to place.

A Clutter-Free Home, Is A Stress-Free Home

General clutter in your home can cause you stress. While also stopping you from making better use of the same space. Whether it’s your own garage or basement you won’t have the same amount of room for other items or hobbies.  As the years go on you will collect more and more items to give your home a festive theme. Whether it’s for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Channukah, or any other holiday you celebrate. Eventually, you’ll need to look into new ways to store them. Portable storage is the perfect solution for your holiday decoration storage.

Stack of portable storage units for holiday decorations

The Pros Of Portable Storage For Holiday Decorations

There are a variety of different sizes of portable storage containers for your needs. You get the benefit of having your portable storage unit grow right along with your holiday decoration collection.  No longer do you need to pass up that perfect new light-up display. Or not take advantage of after-holiday decor clearance to make next year’s decorations really stand out. With portable storage for holiday decorations, you’ll always have the space for new decorations.

Better Utilization Of The Bigger Space Means Easier Packing and Unpacking

When limited on space but owning lots of items to store like Christmas lights, trees, ornaments, outdoor light up displays, wood cutouts, inflatable decorations and more you can end up causing harm to your possessions. You even run the risk of losing some to breakage. When not limited to a small storage space you can better pack and protect your items. Giving everything the correct amount of packing materials and boxes you ensure that the items will stay in good shape.  Working like new year after year.  

At UNITS, we’ve seen it all in terms of how good and bad people pack things.  Even if you have more than enough space in your home you can still reduce the stress of holiday decorating. By packing your items in a way that make them easier to put back up the next year.  Here are our best tips for packing holiday decorations. They make it as easy as possible to unpack them next year whether you use portable storage for holiday decorations or not. 

Holiday Decoration Storage Tips

  • Egg cartons are a great way to keep smaller ornaments safe when packed away
  • Stack rolls of wrapping paper in garment bags, shoe racks or a wastebasket
  • Restaurant take-out containers are great for small gift wrapping items like bows
  • Use old toilet and paper towel tubes to store cords.  Leftover gift labels are a perfect way to label what the cords are for
  • Use flat pieces of cardboard to neatly wrap strings of Christmas lights around.  This makes unwrapping them next year a breeze
  • Regular coat hangers are a great way to store your wreaths in a section of your closet
  • Old stockings can be used to wrap candles to keep them in good shape
  • Make sure your holiday village scenes are safe by wrapping them in old linens that are no longer used.
  • Magazine racks are a great way to organize gift bags

Portable Storage Makes It Easier With Delivery And Pick Up

UNITS in driveway for holiday decoration portable storageWhen you use portable storage for holiday decorations you have an on-demand storage container that is brought directly to you and dropped off where it’s easiest for you to pack and unpack.  At UNITS, our locally owned and operated team will be there for you when you need us. Just give us a call when you know what day you want to start decorating. We’ll then bring your UNIT to you and you can unpack and decorate at your own pace.

Many families in the Tri-Valley make it a family fun day. Once your UNIT is delivered everyone works together to set up all your decorations.  From outside lights, inflatables, and full displays to Christmas trees, ornaments, and other household decor a portable storage unit really makes it easy. Having it all dropped off in one place puts you in a festive spirit. And takes away a lot of what can cause holiday stress.

Once the holidays are over, just give us another call and we will drop off the UNIT.  You then pack it at your own pace with easy access as we can put it right in your driveway. Once full we come back and pick it up to store it at our secure storage facility. Next year, just let us know when you are ready for your items once again and we’ll bring them back.  

Find Out Just How Easy Holiday Decoration Portable Storage Really Is

If portable storage for holiday decorations all sounds like a good fit for you then just contact us by phone or email to get a free quote and learn more about holiday decoration portable storage. You can also learn more about UNITS Moving and Portable Storage if you are moving or just need a better storage solution.

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