Why Use Portable Storage While Studying Abroad?

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Students who are planning their trip abroad face a dilemma. They have all kinds of stuff, from heavy textbooks to pull out couches, that would be inconvenient and expensive to bring with them. Baggage fees are high, so students who are departing for the experience of a lifetime will have to selective about what they choose to bring with them.

Of course, it’s also expensive to leave your items behind in a rental apartment. You won’t be in the apartment, so why pay for it? To solve this dilemma, many students and their parents turn to self-storage units, but the cost and hassle of storing your items in them is a challenge. The better solution is portable storage units.

How Portable Storage Units Work For Students Studying Abroad

Our water-tight, secure portable storage units can be dropped off right in front of your dorm room, so that you can place your stuff directly in them, instead of using a moving truck to haul your stuff to a normal storage unit. This saves you so much time and energy, including the hassle and cost of renting a moving truck to place your stuff in the unit, and the same hassle and cost of renting the truck just to bring your stuff home when you get back from your trip.

Loading our portable storage units is even easier than it sounds. Our units have no incline, which means you don’t have to walk uphill when you’re lugging your furniture inside. Though we don’t use an incline to keep your items secure, our units are still structurally secure and use the UNITS channel strapping system to secure even delicate items. When we transport your unit, your valuables won’t be knocked over or shift during transit.

Further, our storage containers even have translucent ceilings that let in light. So, as long as you’re packing up during the day, you’ll be able to see what you’re doing. However, this ceiling is like frosted glass—no one can see your objects once they are inside.

Students don’t need to drive to use a UNIT portable storage unit, we do all of the transport for you, including moving the unit when you’re done filling it, whether it’s going to sit in mom and dad’s driveway or sit in our secure storage facility. Our service is so convenient it may even save mom and dad a trip to the dorm room to help get everything in storage.

Choose Portable Storage Over Renting

One of the most exciting parts of studying abroad is that you don’t quite know what to expect when you arrive. The culture, food and living arrangements may all be completely foreign to you. That’s the kind of horizon-expanding experience you want, however, it doesn’t make packing easy. Those who arrange study abroad trips usually recommend students pack lightly because they don’t know what kind of storage options the student will have access to in their new lodging.

Then, professors and the school administration suggest that students hold onto whatever home they are currently renting, so they can keep storing all of those items that are impractical to bring along. The problem with that advice is that students normally share their space. Your roommates could bring over guests you don’t trust while you’re gone. A plumbing leak or just a nosy roommate could put your precious items in jeopardy while you’re away. It’s not the kind of thing you want to worry about while you’re supposed to be immersing yourself in another place and culture. Not to mention the added cost of renting a place that you won’t be living in for a while.

Portable Storage Is The Perfect Solution

Portable storage units are large enough to store everything you own, for a reasonable price, and secure enough that you won’t be wondering if your stuff is safe while you’re on your flight. 

We can bring your portable unit directly to our warehouse, so you can have peace of mind that no nosy roommate has access. You put your own lock on the unit, so we don’t have access to it either. Further, our storage facility is much more secure than any student housing.

The warehouse is staffed daily and has a full, sensitive security system. If you have need of something you left behind in your storage unit, you can have a friend or family member drive to our warehouse to pick it up and send it to you.

Choose Portable Storage Over Mom & Dad’s Place

Trips abroad are expensive. In an effort to save money, many students choose to lug their stuff back to mom and dad’s place. It’s not a bad idea, but it can be inconvenient for everyone. Portable storage is a great solution that lets students keep their stuff under mom and dad’s watchful eye, without taking up any room in their home. Don’t convert your office or home gym back into your kid’s room just yet.

After your child has loaded their possessions into our portable units, we can deliver them to your driveway or garage. Our galvanized steel containers are fully waterproof, but also breathable. They won’t collect mold or allow your child’s property to get soaked while sitting on your property. The top of the container also has a UV resistant coating. This is used to protect furniture and other objects from the effect of UV rays. Overtime which can discolor fabric and plastic.

Our portable storage units can be a perfect solution while studying abroad. 

Save by Using Portable Storage While Studying Abroad

We know that students studying abroad have special storage needs, and our team is dedicated to fulfilling them. We care about earning and keeping your business, so we never use automated call answering systems. You can speak directly to us about your concerns at any time. Contact us today to arrange for your studying abroad storage needs. We offer portable storage in Santa Clara as well as portable storage in Pleasanton and the rest of the East and South Bay Areas.

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