UNITS Franchise Ownership

Rick and Donna Topp are the Franchise owners of UNITS Moving and Portable Storage

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What it’s Like to Own a UNITS Franchise

Recently we were interviewed by Business Opportunities on what it is like to be a UNITS Moving and Portable Storage franchise owner. As we continue to grow our business we are starting a new commitment to blogging. We will be posting monthly with helpful tips, updates, specials, and other great information for all of our local Bay Area customers to check out to become a better-informed UNITS customer.

This interview gave us a chance to talk about our most important part of your business, customer service. We believe that if you take care of the customer, they will take care of your business. We strive for the best customer service in the industry and it shows by the growth of our business.

What Can UNITS do for you?

As the owners, Rick & Donna Topp, we are ready to provide the best personal storage and or moving experience you have or will ever have. We will deliver the UNIT to your house so you can store your belongings and pack them away at your leisure. Here are a few scenarios that our customers use our UNITS Portable and Moving Storage containers for.

Quick Home Remodel

Family prepares to move from Dublin CAIf you are just doing a quick home remodel, and need the extra space and storage for a short period of time, lock up the UNIT at your house and we will come pick it up when you are finished. This is great for local residents that just need some extra space when fixing up the kitchen or living room and need a place to put your furniture. Give UNITS Moving and Portable Storage a call to find out more about other home projects our storage containers are good for.

Moving Long Distance

Lets say you are moving and you are contemplating different moving companies. You will have to think of the timeline, loading and unloading all of your things when the moving guys and truck is there. The stress level increase more than just moving can cause. With UNITS moving containers, we will deliver the UNIT to your house, you can load and secure all of your things the way you want and on your timeline. When you are done packing, our long distance moving team will come pick and and deliver the UNITS moving container to your new location. Once it is delivered, you can take your time to unpack at your pace into your new place. No need to place a bunch of things in the place their are not meant live forever. Trust UNITS and our industry-leading customer services to take care of all your moving needs.

Long Term Storage

UNITS Storage is meant to be the best storage company that fits all of your needs. Just because we drop off a UNIT at your house for you to pack, doesn’t mean we can’t store this for you. Based out of Livermore, CA, UNITS Storage has a temperature controlled warehouse to store all of our UNITS. We do not drop them off in a dusty yard out in the elements. We can store all of your belongings in a secure facility that you can come visit at any time. Give us a call and we can place your storage container out for you to come take stuff out or add stuff to it at any time. When the time comes and you want to unload your UNITS storage container, we will deliver it back to any location you want.

Why We Chose UNITS Franchise

Because of the reasons state above, we chose a franchise that was in a growing industry that we could help and support our customers. Please take a look at the article “Making the Move to UNITS Franchise Ownership” to get to know UNITS Moving and Portable Storage. This is a great inside look to why we really do love what we do.

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